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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save. i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. . you're watching the station that work works for you. >> free from russian and possibly head back to the baltimore area, a man arrested as a spy has roots. he is part of the biggest spy swap since the cold war and now he is among four double agents back on united states soil. we spoke to his neighbors. >> reporter: people who have
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lived in neighborhood for several years knew he was arrested nearly a decade ago but his wife and son never talked about his work as a spy. now neighbors hope to see him back so they can thank him for his work. in the neighborhood down a private driveway is the home owned by a spy from russia. according to online property records he bought the house with his wife in 2001 before he was arrested in russia. neighbors say they never knew who was living next door until the news broke. >> we were completely side tracked with it. it was -- you know, came out of nowhere. we were unaware of it. it was just like anybody else. >> reporter: he wasn't like anybody else in the neighborhood. a former colonel he was accused of exposing information leading to the capture of two of the most damaging spies ever caught
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in the united states. now he and three others have been pardoned and flown back to washington as part of a swap that sent ten spies home to russia. experts say the quality of the people should be looked at, not the numbers. >> it was the first time ever that the russian media actually mocked some of the agents involved in the spy network in america. >> reporter: neighbors described the family as friendly, one of the sons and his wife now live in the home according to a neighbor. he moved in when their mother died last year. no word on when or if the spy will return to the area but if he does neighbors say they will deliver some kind words. >> i would say thank you for all your work and all your help. us as americans we rely and our freedoms and life rely on
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people like you. >> reporter: experts say the swap shows relations appear to be on track again. officials made clear washington wanted not only to take down a spy network but to move beyond that moment. cheryl connor. >> police investigating a double shooting in hartford. they say two 18-year-old's were shot in the backseat of an suv. they are report to be in stable condition. if you have information call crime stoppers. light-rail service disrupted tonight with a lumber fire. people reported see smoke as far as westminister. the warehouse caught fire -- it took about 40 minutes to bring it under control. >> shortly upon arriving they had a partial collapse of the building that meant we immediately went into defensive
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operations where we didn't commit people to the inside of the biling. >> during that time service on the light-rail was -- to hunt valley was stopped but was running again this evening and officials say the morning rush hour shouldn't be affected. there is still no word on the cause. a fire burns three men installing an energy system. it happened saturday on holly branch court in baltimore county. two men had serious burns while a third had less severe burns. no word on what went wrong but a spokesman said it was a violent explosion that started in the basement and shot to the top floor. >> them were working on a gas line that they were installing they ruptured a possible electric line . >> the lieutenant wouldn't identity the company involved but said it's located in -- though are said to be environmently friendly. delaware state police
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investigating a head on collision that killed a baltimore woman and injured her 1-year-old son. the 24-year-old crossed the center line in bridgeville delaware this morning. her son was not properly restrained and had minor injuries. the other driver and passenger had nonlife threatening injuries. police have identitied a man they say tried to flee from a state trooper. arthur williams lost control of his vehicle in clear spring. before the crash a trooper tried to pull him over but he speed away. troopers say his truck fit the description of a vehicle that may have been involved in two hotel robberies. piece by piece a home for girls is coming together because of local volunteers and exteem makeover home edition. they got the big surprise on friday and crews have been work around the clock to build the
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home. we stopped by the construction site and we have the latest on the work in progress. >> reporter: as construction continues, pieces put no place, designs checked and rechecked. >> it's amazing. just -- feels like it's going up over night. >> reporter: overnight yes as well as just about around the clock. on saturday morning the foundation was being prepared, now look. barely 24 hours later and it's beginning to look like a home. >> we bring the p did boxes in, unwrap the plastic, bring the crane and cables and grab the box, lift it up into place and we take it and put it on the foundation and get it perfectly set. one at the a time like a puzzle and you have a 3d puzzle that ends up a house.
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>> i'm here because i think it's important for people to give back, to pay forward their skills and abilities. >> i'm a schoolteacher and when i heard about the organization i thought what a great opportunity to come and help, i really believe in their mission and i start dub -- i want to come and give back. >> reporter: helping the future, that's what we learned on friday. channel 2 was there for the big surprise at the inner harbor. [applause] [cheering] >> reporter: as ty gave the welcome they will never forget kate davis said what it'll mean for the girls when they get back . >> eventually eight girls will be housed in this home.
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right now we have seven in the program. they range from nine to 17. they are currently living at home with their mothers and fathers. they come and we give them academic support and stuff but we will be able to support them much better when they are able to live in this house. >> reporter: despite the long hours they realize this is a labor of love and aren't only building a house but a home. in northeast baltimore abc 2news. >> it's not to late for to you be a part of this big project. there is a job for you no matter our ability or skill level. extreme makeover is looking for help. for more information log onto the website and we have a special section. you can always stop by and watch the build take place. viewing hours between eight and even.
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the house on cleveland avenue. there is still no parking on that street. are you asked to park at mount pleasant baptist church >> good-looking day. things will change pretty quickly. we will take a look at the tower camera. temperatures -- at the 80- degree mark. upper 80s to middle 90s. 68 will go down for the overnight. mostly clear and comfortable. we are watching showers and storms out west. >> powerful storms slam parts of missouri this morning. high winds and heavy rains left thousands without power and stranded drivers. cruise say they helped rescue a number of driver who were
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stranded in high water. after two your manhunt the teen known as the bare foot bandit finally arrested after breaking out a group home he stole cars, boats and even planes and dodged police from all round the country. eric horn. >> reporter: the two year long manhunt for colleton harris moore ended on a small island. >> the suspect to try to evade capture engaged police in a high speed chase by boat. after a brief chase the suspect was taken into custody. >> reporter: they kicked their search into high gear after being tipped off by the fbi that ha allegedly stolen a plane and flown it to the bahamas. he was armed and hid in thick groves during the day, coming out at night to break-in to homes. >> we don't think it's glamour and some have trying to make it
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so. he is committing crimes and breaking in to businesses. >> reporter: he became infamous, more than 6 5,000 facebook followers after taunts authorities in a two year crime spree across the united states. stealing cars, boats and planes and flying them despite a lack of formal training. he was called the bare foot bandit for going shoeless during crimes and leaving behind chalk foot prints as a calling card. >> it's expected he will appear in court later this week to answer to a number of criminal charges. >> reporter: officials say the charms will take press debt precedent over the crimes he allegedly committed in the united states. >> millions of gallons of oil leaking into the gulf of mexico tonight. bp said efforts to install a new cap are on target. the old cap which was preventing most of the flow came off yesterday on land. in alabama jimmy buffet kicked
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off a concert to benefit residents. payment after payment. dozens shell out a lot of money for vehicles that someone else owns. they claim they were duped by a car dealer want their money back. investigation we find out why they have been left holding the bag. soccer mania in baltimore. we will look at how locals celebrated the end of the world cup. >> clear skies overhead but big time storms out to the west. what is coming in to your backyard coming up.
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[ male announcer ] thinking about your florida vacation and about what's happening in the gulf? well, florida has 825 miles of beaches... and 1,260 miles of coastline. so, there's plenty of places in florida to enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. go to florida live at for real-time information. now enjoy your florida vacation at incredible savings in naples, marco island and the everglades. plan online at . dozens people who did business with a laurel car
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dealer are spinning their wheels. they sold the company their cars and then found the checks they got were no good. many are still making payments on cars they sold months ago. >> reporter: dave is shelling out money to cover should suv but he is paying for four wheels he can't even drive anymore. >> throwing money out the window. paying for something that you don't have. >> reporter: his car wasn't stolen. he sold it with the promise his loan would be paid off but it didn't happen. >> i didn't know what i was going to do. go test drive it and drive it back to my house? what do i do? >> reporter: jr didn't know what to do either when the same company bought his truck. their 12 1,200-dollar check bounced. >> i want my money back.
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>> reporter: he will have to get in line. more than 40 people have filed complaints about this business. we buy cars in laurel and one of its owners. >> apparently they depth have the money and the funds at this time to pay everybody back. >> reporter: accord to investigators this company doesn't just owe thousands in cash, dozens of cars they bought but didn't pay for are still missing. >> many people actually paid we buy cars money and we buy cars promised to pay the car off and it wasn't. >> reporter: that's what happened to andy and penny. >> it's just a huge mess. the biggest mess i have been in. >> reporter: they were written a check to help pay off the loan but they kept getting
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bills. they say they didn't meet the dealer until march 9th. >> february 23rd. >> he didn't know who wew. >> february 23rd. >> reporter: the letter they got was a fake. their loan was never paid and they believe somebody at we buy cars cut and pasted their bank's logo onto paper and faxed it. >> we would be put in jail for this. >> reporter: those with the company aren't in jail. the state's attorney said he will meet next week to see if criminal charges can be filed get questions answered. we wanted answers to but we buy car social security closed up tight. we couldn't find the owner at either of the homes listed in his name. even his other business is locked up. even to friends. >> he is on honest guy.
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he wouldn't do that. i'm serious. i'm telling you the truth. he isn't that type of guy. he never would do that. >> reporter: after weeks of hunting he finally sent us a statement saying he has been able to satisfy a large number of customers and is doing all he can to resolve other disputes. he said the problems involve mismanagement and theft by employees but the more than 40 people who filed complaints say they feel cheated. some have lost cash. others have lost cars. because of a man who said let's make a deal. >> i wouldn't mind seeing him go go to jail. >> reporter: you think he deserves that? >> absolutely. >> you can read the entire statement on the website. he said he has settled debt its with more than 60 customers. he has been in regular contact with the administration and is working with them to figure out who is owed money and how much.
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tomorrow night on abc 2news we will continue the coverage of the we buy cars controversy and let you know why customers only get a few hundred dollars of their own money back. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and the radar. >> beautiful blue skies, low humidity. just a nice day to be outside. >> nice weekend overall. things are going to change. we will see more storms in the forecast and the humidity will come back in. right back to the summertime weather pattern we have been dealing with. let's go to the weather net site and look at some of those numbers. 76 degrees, temperatures pretty comfortable across the area for the 11:00 o'clock hour. downtown we go and looking at the sugar factory. temperature -- about 74 degrees. 69% humidity. the humidity starting to inch it's way back up there. calm wind and that pressure --
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pressure starting to rise and that's indicating lower pressure, more storminess. 93 degrees today, we could tell you it's above average day. 100 degrees set back in 1988. temperatures across the area for the daytime. into the 90s. 91dc. fredricks was the hot spot. 95, even in to the eastern shore. the temperatures just about 90 degrees. right now into the 07's for everybody. still warm in dc. right along the 95 stretch. the temperatures into the middle 70s. a comfortable night but dry heat to start the week and it gets active with a lot of humidity and instability in the atmosphere. that will allow for storms to blossom up. we are watching storms on the radar. you can see from lexington, knoxville, severe watches and tornado watches into this area. the storm system will push with
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us monday night no tuesday. we start a good day tomorrow and then turn stormy into tomorrow night. here is future cast, show you the radar, clouds and the rain and by later tomorrow afternoon we will see storms for the western suburbs. that line will pull into the city, probably overnight monday and then for the day on tuesday we will get stormy but humid. you will notice theo pressive feel to the atmosphere into tuesday and wednesday. the forecast like this. 68 degrees. mostly clear skies. not a bad looking day. in to the 80s. uv index a nine. into the upper 80s, uv index about a seven. 78 degrees. again watch the western sky. those storms could boil up and some of them could pack a punch. 90 degrees. these storms, more so to the north and west. 70, then for the overnight monday that's when we will see
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storms move into baltimore city. here is the seven day. not a bad looking day tomorrow. i would say about 80% monogahela will be nice. mostly sunny. in to the afternoon that is when we get storms going. 90 degrees tuesday, humid, 88 degrees and then everything really starts to go on wednesday. 93, 94 on thursday. a good portion of the seven day. you can check your weather any time on the website. >> move over twilight. despicable me is taking over the box office. >> to small for me. >> the film brought in more than $60 million and knocked twilight down to second place. say it sunset so. taking over the inner harbor in the name of soccer for those who couldn't be in
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south africa, inner harbor. baltimore's was the next best thing.
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. spain is the 2010 world cup champ. the country's first world cup -- the win didn't come until after overtime. it broke the final record. >> we have a --. >> here in baltimore hundreds of soccer fans took over a part of the inner harbor watching world class soccer there but it wasn't just about the game on big screen . fans other than
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being in south africa, watching on the big screen surrounded by friends, family and neighbors is the next best thing. >> yeah, it's a good time. definitely a good time. play with the kids and show them some little bit of what soccer is all about. really good time. >> it's great down here in baltimore. a lot of fans from dc united fans coming from dc. also -- up from york pennsylvania, i live in mount washington but i know there have some -- just across the border that are probably coming down. >> they say the crowd was not just made up of people from baltimore but fans around the world. the orioles will head in to the all-star break on a good note. they finished a four game sweep of the rangers. the players now get four days off and are back in action on friday night. mike has another check of
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the forecast coming up. ♪
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. a long strange trip it's been for that. lucy. four years ago she escaped from her pen in the gardens of the her owner searched with no luck this week she just came walking down the road. her owner thinks she may have spent the last few year its underground. they have known to dig holes to hide out when the water gets
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dry. i think she was just hungry fox lettuce. >> maybe a becky. >> a chuck. chuck. >> let's look at the forecast. the 7 day. lot of bolt to lightning on this. humid, muggy and then those summertime thunderstorms. 40% chance, better shot on tuesday. wednesday 20% and hit and miss thursday and friday. the temperatures above average into the 90s. >> that's all for us tonight. thank you for watching. you can get all the stories online any time. go there right now. see you.
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